About Claire

After studying for a degree in Digital Media I specialised in image retouching and digital manipulation, producing beautiful images in Photoshop and Lightroom. 

I've been working as a freelance retoucher and digital artist for 8 years and I also dabble in photography and produce my own high quality stock images too. 

The following are things that many people request, although of course there is much more that can be achieved!

- Photo manipulation, fantasy backgrounds
- Cut outs
- Colour Corrections
- Blemish / scar / tattoo / piercing removal, skin tone improvement - maintaining natural texture.
- High end retouching, makeup and hairstyle additions
- Body Sculpting, Facial reshaping, Eye / hair colour changes, Dental improvements
- And much much more!

Please get in touch to discuss my services in more detail.

I reside in rural Suffolk with my husband. I'm cat crazy and I can often be found in my home office with a good cup of coffee and some classic rock on Spotify whilst I work.